Question asker. Shit disturber. People watcher. Storyteller. Frequent cusser.
Grappling with God. Captivated by Cairo. | Sunshine, words, and smartassery at its finest. 

       Everybody needs a little silly in their lives.
I talk a lot but I suck at talking about myself. I'd much rather sit down and chat over a cup of tea, where I can ask you deep, personal, potentially uncomfortable questions to get to know you a bit better. I make a killer cup of tea, if ever you'd like to chat, but in the digital world just take a peek around the blog and follow my sounding board of snark and sarcasm.

If I'm not telling stories, I'm ranting. If I'm not ranting, I'm telling stories.
Somewhere in between I'm listening, loving, and another word that starts with for the sake of this alliteration.

Conventionality belongs to yesterday. I don't fit neatly inside a box labeled 'Egyptian Christian twentysomething female in North America'. [You couldn't fit my hair inside a box if you tried].

Brazen. Snarky. Bold. Vulgar. Honest. Vulnerable. Often inappropriate. Fluff-free.

If I happen to offend you… good!

Life. Faith. Relationshi[t]s.

… and everything in between.

Here I'm going to grapple with God with heart-on-my-sleeve vulnerability; I'm going to tell stories of past and present and healing and frustration; I'm going to call people out on their bullshit, primarily me; I'm going to think and dream; I'm going to reflect and introspect; I'm going to verbally vomit aggressive rampages, standing on my soapbox and yelling obscenities at humanity.

So, why should you listen to me?

Because somewhere between my Christian faith, Egyptian culture*, and excessive estrogen, is a whirlwind of personality, and it all comes crashing together in this train wreck of words I call my creative mess. 

It must mean I'm a well-rounded person. Or just crazy.

Everybody has a story, and this is just a sneak peek at mine.

Now that you've met me...

I'd love to get to know you! Yes, you, person lurking from behind your laptop screen who may never admit to reading this page. Talk to me and tell me a little bit about yourself. 

You can tell me about your favourite food, sure, but I'd love to hear about your passions. What big dreams do you have? What's one interesting thing about you that nobody could ever guess? How did you stumble upon my creative mess?


*FOB Warning
Part of being bilingual and bicultural is the tendency to mix up the languages in one sentence. I do that a lot. Sometimes you'll find posts where it looks like I occasionally fell asleep on my keyboard and hit publish - zay keda ya3ny. That's Arabic transliteration, and I'll do my best to provide a translation.